About Baby Time Toys

As a new mom I always want what's best for my son. That means toys free from chemicals and using natural resources. In this day and age, it is so hard to get away from plastics and that's exactly why I started Baby Time Toys. I wanted to make it easier for local Canadian families to find toys that are not only safe for their babies but also better for the planet. 

At Baby Time Toys, I hand make each toy myself or with my husband, usually with my son right next to us! I have spent months finding North American suppliers to create the best for my baby and yours. 

We use wood and cotton fabrics for the majority of our products and when possible sourced from Canada or North America. 

Baby Time Toy has plans to grow just like children do! Even now as my son has gotten bigger our product line has expanded. We will have toys for all ages in the years to come so you can get all your children's toys in one place making it easier for parents.