DIY Reusable Wipes- Eco Friendly Wipes

How many wipes do you use each time you change your little ones diaper? 1-5 depending on how poopy it was, then you times that by the amount of diaper changes in a day and the many months your little one is in diapers. That is a lot of wipes. Did you know, most wipes take year upon years to decompose. 

Wipes are so handy especially when you are out of the house or traveling, personally though I always want to try to cut back my waste where I can. I started using reusable DIY wipes for while I was at the house and then my package wipes for outings. For my family this is perfect but this tutorial could easily be used for completely switching to 100% reusable.

We have our face cloths from our Mama Time Line that even though were not designed for it originally, they work great for wipes. Locally Made, Handmade, Face Cloths – Baby Time Toys 



Reusable wipes must haves

-Fabric cloths- cotton/ terry are preferred for diaper changes, but fleece is best if it is for face and hands.  

-2 cup Hot water


-2tps Dr. Bronners Castile Soap


-2 tbsp Coconut Oil

-Essential Oils (optional, I prefer a mix of lavender, lemon and tea tree)

*Wipe warmer (optional but does make it easier), coconut oil if cold may harden again so I like to keep them warm. 


To Make

Place wipes in container, roller or flat, your call

Dissolve coconut oil in the hot water. you want it to be all liquid. 

Add in the soap, and essential oils.

mix well and pour over wipes.



Use when needed, for pee just wash normally, for poop rinse off first. 



Essential oils: make sure to pick pure, safe essential oils as they can be dangerous if not pure. 

-Lemon: An oil with antiseptic properties

-Lavender: Disinfects the skin and promotes blood circulation, been very helpful since Eli has super sensitive skin and diaper rashes for him leave open wounds. 

-Tea Tree: Strong disinfectant with anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties


Happy Wiping


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